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Chinese MassageRelieve your stress with a traditional technique of combining deep finger pressure and stimulation to the pressure points. Acupressure stimulates these points to remove blockages, increase the energy flow, reduce stress, and to promote health and harmony in the body.
Swedish MassageEnjoy the pleasure of an old time favorite pressure relieving massage. Swedish massage is another traditional combination technique that includes long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction to relax your body and soothe your aching muscles.
Deep Tissue MassageNeed to go deeper? Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscles located beneath the surface of top muscles. Our therapists use a dedicated set of techniques and strokes to help you achieve ultimate relief and relaxation.
ReflexologyOur popular technique is an ancient Oriental therapy performed on the hands and feet. Soak your feet in an Oriental foot bath, then experience the sensation in corresponding areas of your body through accupressure points in your feet. Simply amazing.
Back WalkingFor tough tension in the back, Ashiatsu (or back walking), might be the perfect way to relieve your stiffness. Using mounted poles on the wall, our therapists apply guided foot pressure in the deepest tissue of your back muscles.

Feather-Light TouchRevive your senses from head to toe with a soothing light touch of finger-tips. Our therapists use minimum pressure to allow you to drift away as your skin is rejuvenated with a tingling sensation that will relax your mind and body.

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